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Raphael Louis Vitón
Hacking-Humans (before the bots do)...

accelerating human potential
& optimizing the 
courageous culture platform 
necessary for rapid adaptation as we all

surf the big waves of change,


I specialize in supporting leaders that are focused on:

#1 optimizing themselves & their people to overcome their "knowing/doing" gaps

BENEFIT: high adaptability + fulfillment/congruence

APPROACH: strengthen innovation/entrepreneurial mindsets & muscles that help leaders see more, intervene more + focus more effectively on what matters most to them; providing new tools and practices to enhance time, attention & energy management; conscious prioritization & experimentation 

#2 creating high-performance teams to enjoy more effective execution

BENEFIT: high standards + high trust relationships

APPROACH: strengthen communication, collaboration, commitments/accountability
and coordination of action; providing new mechanisms that help increase performance
and quality of interpersonal interactions

#3 transforming culture to build the most powerful platform for rapid adaptation & growth

BENEFIT: high speed + healthy learning environments

APPROACH: strengthen culture competency (CQ) and connect the dots between Cx/Ex;
provide new tools and expand understanding while increasing the velocity of the shift
from the current culture>>to the >> more ideal/constructive culture

... in order to drive better results, at the I, WE & IT dimensions of success




As AI & technology accelerate, "next level" leadership and soft skills ("tough skills") are in high demand to fuel business growth, courageous cultures and people development:

Adaptability - Collaboration - Creativity

Persuasion/Influence - Time & Attention Management/Prioritization

I facilitate workshops, design/deliver leadership development programs, executive coaching and culture transformation consulting services to help strengthen the essential mindsets & skills that increase team performance when responding to increased stress/change (without sacrificing trust or momentum).

What do you want to grow stronger?




Now that we are learning to address change more seriously, we see that change isn’t a “problem” to cure, challenge to beat, or phase to get past. Change is a persistent, unstoppable, chronic condition (a 21st-century lifestyle) that we'll always have to live with & embrace.


The condition is complex, but the treatment is simple. 

(IQ*2EQ/Mindsets*3PHYSQ)*10SOCQ*100CQ = AQ/Muscle Building. 

Prioritize and strengthen the muscles that upgrade the human side of change vs. fall victim to our unconscious obedience to norms that lead to human downgrading-based business models/cultures.


Living successfully with change is easier when we match our innovation investment in hacking technology with an equal and perhaps more holistic investment in hacking humans - hacking ourselves to fuel "next level" leadership success and unprecedented awareness, people development, cognitive flexibility and impeccable coordination of action (execution) at scale. 


To increase performance under increased uncertainty/stress we have to transform "burnout" into meaning, focus and leverage. To beat/befriend the bots, we need to "be" more human. To accelerate upskilling + learning + operationalize the learning exponentially faster, we need to invest in optimizing ourselves and our environments by embracing an experimentation lifestyle.


Things will never be this slow again.
"drop everything between you & your experiments"


Don't just train alone - let's train together!

The more of us that are ready, the further we all get.

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